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Our services

We will be pleased to help you buy a property on the Azores and organise all building work if required.  Below you will find our service specifications and prices including VAT:

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We answer all your questions regarding the purchase of real estate in the Azores, such as::

  • What differences are there comparing with other countries?
  • What extra costs incurred when buying?
  • We help you to find the right property according to your specifications: price, location, sea view, quiet, central, travel time to the airport, etc.
  • Property viewing in English/German
  • We tell you the value of the property you want to buy
Please note: We are not a real estate agent – we work together with registered local estate agents.

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  1. If necessary, make a pre-contract
  2. Check the pre-contract
  3. Translation into English of the preliminary contract
  4. Accompaniment to the tax office to apply for a Portuguese tax number
  5. Accompaniment to the tax office for the payment of primary and stamp duty
  6. Accompaniment to the notary appointment
  7. Providing an interpreter for the notary appointment
  8. We support you in getting, electricity, water, phone, internet
Please note:We are not a lawyer/notary, we work together with local notaries/lawyers.

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  1. We take care of you property on site
  2. If you rent out your property as a holiday home, we pass over the keys and do the cleaning
  3. Laundry – We provide your guests with fresh linen and towels
  4. On request, we take care of the distribution of your holiday home
  5. We will help you in obtaining the license to rent your house to guests
  6. We accompany you with administrative formalities (tax office)

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  1. We tell you the costs of any necessary renovation/rebuilding
  2. We submit proposals with regard to possible restructuring plans
  3. Architectural drawing
  4. Construction management, construction supervision on site
  5. Equipment of bathrooms
  6. Jakuzzis for in- and outside
  7. Selection and installation of kitchen
  8. If desired, interior of the house
  9. Design and manufacture of solid wood furniture
Please note: We are not a construction company, we work together with local construction companies.

Built a new house

  1. We estimate the cost of the house to be built for you
  2. We take over the construction planning and construction supervision
  3. We will send you recent pictures 2-3 times a week, so you can see what is going on
  4. We provide an architect and take over the communication
  5. We provide a structural engineer and take over the communication
  6. We take over communication with the responsible city hall
  7. We ensure that building regulations are adhered to accordingly
  8. We take care of the interior design including the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace
  9. We take care of the exterior design including the pool/jacuzzi
  10. If you want, we can take care of the interior design of the house
  11. We will take care of the rental license, if you want to rent out your house to tourists
  12. We will take over the marketing of your property if desired
Note: We are not a construction company, not architects, engineers, we work together with local companies.


  • First / initial consultation 119,- €
  • Search for suitable objects, each three objects 357,- €
  • Accompanied by inspection on the spot 238,- €

    max. three objects per day

  • Overnight at Casa BELAVISTA 70,- €

    per house per night

  • Take care of your property from
    (depends of the size of your property)
    119,- €

    Inspection every two weeks, replacement of consumables (wood, gas, and so on are not included.) Per month

  • Purchase flat rate 1785,- €

    points 1-8

  • Property renovation/rebuilding 595,- €

    points 1-2

  • Property renovation/rebuilding, additional to the costs 10 %

    From point 3

  • Built a new house, additional to the costs 10 %
  • Laundry 1,79 €

    Bed linen and towels in hotel quality, color sand, per item

  • Individual service 47,60 €

    per hour

When we take over the distribution of the holiday home for you, we keep 25% plus VAT of the rental income. This fee includes taking care of your property and passing over the keys to guests. For setting the house on various internet portals there is a one time fee in advance of € 595, – incl. VAT.